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This study aimed at examining the role of the mass media in promoting the nigerian cultural heritage. Ayodele department of mass communication olabisi onabanjo university agoiwoye, ogun state nigeria. Issues in mass media in nigeria mac 314 issues in mass media in nigeria introduction the title of this course is. The use of mass media in educational development in nigeria has contributed a lot in the widening of the peoples knowledge in the society and also the scope of mass media in the society, media equipment are things like the television, radio and other electronic sets which are meant to give out in formation objectively through their effective. Effects of media on american culture and communication 1782 words 8 pages. I know that mass media communication is an important aspect of the society. Reliable information about the coronavirus covid19 is available from the world health organization current situation, international travel.

This paper takes a look at perspectives on community media and rural development in nigeria. Brown envelope journalism in nigeria is a practice whereby monetary inducement is given to journalists to make them write a positive story or kill a negative story. Pdf the role of mass media for sustainable democracy cannot be. Media play an important role in increasing of public awareness and collect the views, information and attitudes toward certain issue. The influence of media ownership and control on media agenda setting in nigeria international journal of humanities social sciences and education ijhsse page 38 3.

Governments can hardly survive without effective use of the mass media. The media are supplying the political information that voters base their decisions on. The challenges of the mass media in promoting good governance in nigeria abstract. Mass media can help in change using mass media, people. Mass media, politics and democracy provides a broad ranging overview of all aspects of the relationship between the media and politics. But how, has the media fared in this onerous task is what this study seeks to address. Adaja phd department of mass communication olabisi onabanjo university agoiwoye, ogun state nigeria felix a. Home topics case study of conflict resolution in nigeria the mass media and national development in nigeria. Mass media in africas nascent democracy university of jos. Pdf assessment of the role of media in the 2015 nigerian. The hypothesis to be tested is that medias role in. Mass media and society in nigeria download ebook pdf. It was an effective tool in the hands of the proponents of democracy, to mobilize the ragtag and the bobtail against the smoking guns of the military to return them to their natural habitat. Sociohistorical context of the development of nigerian media.

Deconstructing the role of the media in fostering social cohesion in contemporary nigerian society article pdf available september 2017 with 1,554 reads how we measure reads. We know a bit about the role of mass media in a democracy. They have a vital role to play in the communication of agricultural information among the literate farmers. Mass media and society in nigeria is part of the efforts to address the dearth of relevant materials. It can bring about radical changes and improve social situation. On the basis of this information, individuals honor others and behave according to the common.

Abstract this study examined the historical development of nigeria mass media. Effects of mass media on culture 2057 words bartleby. The development and influence of mass media in the. Massmediang information hub of the nigerian mass media.

Drawing on the growing body of work which compares catholic approach with pentecostal mission strategy, the paper examines this distinction, and analyses the approach to the use of the media as a strategy of mission in the catholic archdiocese of jos where catholicism started in northern nigeria. The media should provide accommodation for the complex and pluralistic corporate nigerian society, whether such views are located in, or they emanate. That is the direction an appropriate mass media policy for nigeria should take. In short, no social activity, be it marketing, business, education, politics, media profession.

Mass media relevance in combating insecurity in nigeria. Jun 03, 2015 the result will be a virile and vibrant democracy where the citizenry enjoy real fruits of democracy and not sour grapes as most elected authorities in nigeria feed their people with. In establishing the organization, we considered and were convinced of such issues as. The mass media have the power and capability to bring about change in society for the improvement of the quality of life. The significance of communication for human life cannot be overestimated. Drawing its examples from a wide range of developed liberal democracies, the book combines an accessible account of the political impact and regulation of the mass media today, with an assessment of the democratic potential and antidemocratic dangers of. In other words, it acts as the thermometer of measuring the democratic body temperature of a country or society. Digital rights management drm the publisher has supplied this book in encrypted form, which means that you need to install free software in order to unlock and read it. Assessment of the role of media in the 2015 nigerian general election. This collection of essays originates from discussions at various fora about the need for nigerian media scholars to analyse the countrys media industry and practice. Mass media and society in nigeria librairie numerique africaine. The media plays a very constructive role in todays society. This collection of essays originates from discussions at various fora about the. It also surveys the roles and impact of personalities and institutions as well as regulatory instruments and institutions that have shaped the media in nigeria from preindependence till date.

Mass media and christian evangelisation in the digital age. And challengers to this leadership group too will necessarily attempt to prevent the ideas of the leadership from. The purpose of mass communication as a watchdog for the masses becomes effective in this aspect because a case study of nigeria reveals that a private media house will not hesitate to broadcast any news story that would or not tarnish the image of the government. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. The media occupies a strategic and sensitive position in the society, and as the custodian of information. The broadcast media landscape in nigeria has several enlightened and skilled onair personalities oaps who know what it takes to keep audience members loyal to a station. Pdf the mass media and the challenges of sustainable. There is no doubt that the press has been transformed tremendously in structure, number of outlets, contents and outreach since its narrow and localised appearance in. Man is a social animal,he cannot live in isolation,so his actions affect not only him but society in general, society affects a man in so many ways. This study aimed at examining the role of the mass media. Imtihani 20, states that the constructive role of mass media is located on the formation of reality on a peace process in conflict resolution peace process. The following sections trace the development of the various mass media, starting with books, newspapers and magazines as the oldest mass media. Chapter one introduction background to the study mass media can be discussed as organizations that produce news, information, messages or entertainment contents and distribute to a large number of geographically separated people through a technologically based medium such as radio, television, newspaper, magazine or internet.

Media should give priority in their content to the national culture and languages. We need to be vigilant and ask ourselves to look for opposing opinions and evaluate the. It is through mass media that we know the cultural and social norms of various groups in our society. They regularly cover all sorts of issue such as health, music, fine art, crime, sport, entertainment and political event among other meyer 2002, solea 2004the mass media transmits. Media is the reflection of our society and it depicts what and how society works. Though this study will limit itself to the pivotal roles the mass media. If you need to convert a pdf into an image file, its going to be a whole lot easier on a mac than it would be with a pc. Mass media and political culture in nigeria kenneth asor tsebee department of mass communication benue state university, makurdi, benue state, nigeria. The traditional roles of the mass media in any society which are to inform, educate and entertain are so crucial that societies can hardly progress. The media and boko haram insurgency in nigeria a content. Popoola 2012 averred that a major challenge facing journalism in nigeria today is that of surviving the attacks of the muslim fundamentalist religious sect, the boko haram.

This is even moreso in lagos which is the hub of broadcasting in nigeria with several media houses offering top quality programmes to attract audience and ensure survival. The media in any society is charged with the decorum to inform, educate, entertain, publicize and most importantly, correct the excesses of society. Nigerians learn ideas, and ideals and experiences that enrich. Among the several mass media, newspaper and farm magazine are commonly used. Some media laws in nigeria institute for media and society. The lagos daily news became the first daily in 1920 and ran until 1936, providing with the west african pilot an urban perspective on nigeria s campaign for independence. Pdf role of mass media in social awreness giap journals. The snag however in nigeria is that the mass media both publicly and. Click download or read online button to get mass media and society in nigeria book now. The nigerian mass media since 1984 has faced the greatest challenge of how to fulfill these relevant roles to the nigerian society. Aug 28, 2010 the media can therefore not only influence society before the conflict by recognising and properly addressing the issue but also afterwards. This is true because beyond the physical requirements of food and shelter man needs to communicate with hisher fellow human beings. The development and influence of mass media in the nigerian society the history of mass media development in nigeria is chequered and phasic in nature. The mass media have crucial roles to play in reaction to the challenges of building especially in moulding a formidable and sustainable political culture in nigeria.

Social awareness means that you should know what is socially acceptable from you in society and you should act in that manner. Central to the process of ensuring the institutionalization, operationalization and sustenance of a credible electoral process in nigeria is the mass media. Thepaper backs up its claim with examples within and outside nigeria. Mass media and society in nigeria edited by lai oso, umaru pate. A reflection of the larger society, is borne out of my observation of media performances in the recent time. Mass media and society in nigeria edited by lai oso, umaru pate this collection of essays originates from discussions at various fora about the need for nigerian media scholars to analyse the countrys media industry and practice. The press, radio, television and other agencies of the mass media shall at all times be free to uphold the fundamental objectives contained in this chapter and. This paper discusses the place of mass media constitutional obligations of promoting and protecting the countrys national interest for meaning development. Massmedia and society new topic based on latest syllabus. Let us now see how the media perform their functions to bring about changes.

Each chapter focuses on a different type of medium, starting with the earliest books and working its way up to the latest technological advancements in mass media. As a consequence, media suppliers in modern, individualized consumer societies try to fulfill these diverse media oriented expectations of the. Numerous and frequentlyupdated resource results are available from this search. Click the download now button to get the complete project work instantly. Globalization, mass media and development in nigeria. What started as a vehicle for social interaction and information dissemination later metamorphosed. History of nigerian mass media 2 units the course provides a historical background to the development of the nigerian media industry.

They identify problems in our society and serve as a medium for deliberation. A critical analysis of state press relations in nigeria, 19992005. It also applies to the journalists to be aware of their professional ethics, responsibilities, certain roles, and expect any form of report in. Role of mass media in educational development in nigeria pdf. Media is the most powerful tool of communication in. Lagos times was first published in 1880, starting a tradition of active and diverse debate in the mass media. The media role in conflict prevention in a multicultural. This site is like a library, use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want.

The role of media in the democratic process in nigeria,by. The mass media and the challenges of sustainable democratic values in nigeria. The media shape our attitudes about everything from soap to politics. The influence of media ownership and control on media agenda. The topic of the study, the roles of the mass media in nigeria politics will evaluate and investigate the roles and travails of the media practitioners in the storming nigeria political arena. History and development of mass media in nigeria ifedayo. Mass media and society in nigeria by oso, lai ebook. The nigerian mass media started out with the publication of iwe iroyin. The impact of the mass media on voters education in nigeria. They are generally regarded as a channel of communication that is capable of reaching heterogamous audience simultaneously with uniform messages. The mass media and the struggle for democracy in africa. The media can never be separated from nigerias long walk to democracy. Although, mass communication is often associated with mass media. The role of the media in peace building, conflict management.

Download the complete political science project topic and material chapter 15 titled the role of mass media in a democratic governance here on projects. Media ownership patterns the ownership of the mass media namely. Nigeria operates a plural media system in which both the public and privately owned media exist sidebyside. In this role, as the editors of the media studies journal rightly opined in 1995, the media supports. The mass media role plays in a country cannot be over emphasized. Oclcs webjunction has pulled together information and resources to assist library staff as they consider how to handle coronavirus. Mass media and society in nigeria by lai oso editor umaru pate editor. The name is derived from cash inducements hidden in brown envelopes and given to journalists during press briefings. Both the 1979 and the 1999 constitutions of nigeria mandate the mass media to ensure that government protects, preserves and promotes certain cultures. The mass media and the nigerian society information manager the.

Its important for us to be aware of the impact the mass media has on our culture society. Perhaps the best quality of this text, understanding media and culture is a very comprehensive textbook. Pdf the mass media and the struggle for democracy in. Increasing rate of literacy in the country offers new promises and prospects for utilising print medium as a means of mass communication. Mass media is a prevalent tool in our society that is used to communicate with the general public. Socialization means empowering people to acquire norms and experiences of the group as a whole, to maintain cultural consensus and communal harmony. It is designed for undergraduate students of mass communication. Similarly, mass media in nigeria is a medium by which. How dr nnamdi azikiwe and chief obafemi awolowo used their own publications to fight for freedom until nigeria gained in. See below for the abstract, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, list of appendices, list of abbreviations and chapter one. Dec 21, 2016 the history of mass media in nigeria dated back to when iwe iroyin came into being back in 1859 by briton rev.

The mass media have been blamed for misleading consumers, voters and children with political propaganda and advertising, while encouraging violence, indecency, and an erosion of cultural values. Good governance is an essential framework which serves as a means of achieving wider goals such as social and political development, alleviation of poverty and protection of the environment. Abiola national concord nationalist newspaper in nigeria newspaper published newswatch nigerian. In a plural and deeply divided society like nigeria, its role is even more imperative in achieving national cohesion, integration, and stability. The african ejournals project has digitized full text of. They influence social values, strengthen cultural, economic, political and technological fabric of the country which are in no doubt, the basic factors of.

This urge for communication is a primal one and in our. Pdf role of media in social awareness giap journals. Functions the media mass media is a tremendous source of information for individuals as well as society. This represents the very first news media that was published in nigeria and it was published in the southwest. It is a common practice in nigeria and many journalists do know that it is unethical. Although americans have been concerned about the moral principles involved with mass media approaches, it hasnt stopped our society from continually investing money and time into fueling the mass media fire. Mass media and society in nigeria lai oso, umaru pate.

Ayodele department of mass communication olabisi onabanjo university agoiwoye, ogun state nigeria nigerian youths and social media. The challenges of the mass media in promoting good. In modern world, media have some more roles to play. The mass media here basically refer to the press, a word which originally connotes the print media but is today used to refer to both the print and broadcast media. The press which here to refer to both print and electronic mass media, constitute a major pillar that shapes, nurtures and builds the society. Mass media often plays a key role in todays conflict. The imperatives of mass media in achieving social change iiard. A proper assessment of the influence of mass media on young people continues to be one of the significant challenges to educators and parents today.

This sixteenthchapter book, with contributions by some of the best professionals, specialistss and academics in the field, covers various aspects of the mass communication landscapes in nigeria, especially the growth and development of the media. The supposed and the real role of mass media in modern democracy. Freedom of the media should be open to economic priorities and development needs of the society. Unlike international media covering conflicts, local media are a recognized part of society with the ability to accelerate and magnify fears or reduce them. Media defines our political system, form public opinion, support public demands and set agenda of our social life. The supposed and the real role of mass media in modern.

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