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Book of secrets is a 2007 american adventure film directed by jon turteltaub and produced by jerry bruckheimer. December 21, 2007 in this follow up to the boxoffice hit national treasure, treasure hunter ben gates nicolas cage once. Sefer raziel hamalakh, hebrew, the book of raziel the angel, is a grimoire of practical kabbalah from the middle ages written primarily in hebrew and aramaic. My fan theory is based upon the thought why did the president trust nicholas cages character in national treasure 2.

I am now impatient to know more about this third national treasure movie. Archangel raziel and your connection with deeper faith. Angelology correctly compares the book of raziel with the sword of moses, edited by gaster london, 1896, also a book of magic. Collection of secret writings, probably compiled and edited by the same hand, but originally not the work of one author. I write the book to proclaim the secrets and reveal the strength of the creator of the universe. Oct 24, 2009 raziel means secret of god, and the book was said to contain all knowledge, both material and spiritual. Disney, if you dont release national treasure 3 soon i. Book of secrets hit theaters, but cage is still optimistic fans of the series could see another installment. It is a sequel to the 2004 film national treasure and is the second part of the national treasure film series.

The book that doesnt officially exist, 222 pages of the secret musings, confessions, and accusations of u. When the group finally finds the book of secrets, riley identifies the area 51 section as ben flips through the contentsbut little time can be spared. In this adventurefilled sequel to the 2004 blockbuster national treasure, nicolas cage reprises his role as artifact hunter and archaeologist extraordinaire ben. The book of unity is part of the book of the secrets of raziel sefer sodei razaya by eleazar of worms, also known as eleazar of germiza. According to targum ecclesiastes 10, 20, an early but undated collection of midrash woven from the book of ecclesiastes, the angel raziel stood on the peak of mount horeb every day and shouted out these secrets to all humankind. He is associated with the sephirah chokhmah the second of ten in beriah, one of the four worlds of kabbalistic theory. Who is the cute girl who asks for rileys autograph at the end of national treasure. It is sure to spark questions in young minds some that most of us nonhistorians wont be able to fully answer. Perhaps, on page 47, is a message from nicholas cages character, predicting that nicholas cages character would ask the president for access to the book of secrets and also providing some clue to the next quest. Written by raziel, it contains all the secrets of god that were revealed to angel raziel so that he can pass them on to the people. Raziel, book of, collection of mystical, cosmological, and magical hebrew works and portions of works. The book contains many interesting facts about the structure of our solar system, says about astrology and teaches the basics of.

At the end of the movie, he is given back a 360 spider. Jun 30, 2008 ben gates nicolas cage said at the end of national treasure 2 that page 47 is lifealtering that promises a lot for national treasure 3. Mar 30, 2009 who is the cute girl who asks for rileys autograph at the end of national treasure. What is on page 47 of the presidents book of secrets in. Some say that god cast sleep upon him and showed him, while. This book appears to be written in the authors own hand. The book of raziel is an actual thing at least mythically speaking. The hero raziel is a fallen angel, who is cursed to immortality on earth, along with his fallen brethren. Disney, if you dont release national treasure 3 soon ill. According to the zohar, adam received his book while he was still in paradise, and the angel raziel was none other than the archangel uriel who revealed the deep mysteries of the torah.

National treasure book of secrets is a sinful ass movie, as youre about to find out if you watch this video. The name of the deck, the raziel tarotthe secret book of adam and evecomes from the ancient story that before adam and eve were exiled from the garden of eden, the angel raziel name means secret of god gave them a book of secrets that revealed all the mysteries of the universeincluding all future events. The common element in the various different versions of the story is that raziel transmits to adam a secret book that reveals to him the working and mechanics of the universe. Ben discovers that the second plank is missing but he finds a stamp bearing the seal of the presidents secret book. A book by archangel raziel is a lengthy book that contains text about everything. Top american libraries canadian libraries universal library community texts project. The numerical value of the hebrew name is 248, corresponding to the number of the positive commandments. With nicolas cage, diane kruger, justin bartha, jon voight. It is also said that raziel wrote all these secrets in a book called sefer raziel hamalach or the book of the archangel raziel, which in order to understand you need direct guidance from archangel raziel. First printed in amsterdam in 1701, it was reprinted many times, because of the popular belief that the book protected its owners home from fire and other dangers. Join nicolas cage on a heartpounding adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat in a race to find the lost city of gold. Apr 10, 2020 the age of the book is still a matter of controversy. Just a singlechapter idea i had that i thought id write. Everything wrong with national treasure book of secrets.

This is the book of the great raziel prologue the angel raziel delivered this book to adam after years of his repentance, which book contains cabbala, by which they can cause angels, according to his month and his day, to perform. Book of secrets released on home video as national treasure 2. Another piece of the book i thoroughly enjoyed was how one chapter is told from angelas perspective and the next would be told from another characters perspective. Medievalterm,cabal,14 microfilminstituteofthenationaland meditate. Jan 05, 2008 well my friend, this move has an inspiration from humberto eco, he says any one can create a real truth if knows how play with the elements. At the end of national treasure 1, riley has a ferrari 360 spider. In a few months a new us president will begin to chart a course through a complex set of national security issues. Ever so often i get the movies out to watch them again as i love them so much. Sepher razielalso called liber salomonisis a full grimoire in the solomonic tradition from a sixteenth century manuscript.

Bear witness there is none as, and there is none other than. This guys are taken elements form different places, make a nice collage, decorate with some order two or four inventions and you have a nice story to sell for kids. When i heard about this book, i tried to find it but with no success. The following work is a book of great name among the magi and cabalists as the title of sepher raziel or the book of the angel of the secret. Turn away from evil and journey on the path to pursue righteousness. But theres only one way to find it ben gates must kidnap the president. There are multiple manuscript versions, containing up to seven tractates. Book of secrets 2007 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Secrets bestowed bring closer relationship to the divine realm and are an act of trust and honor. All was created in order to know and understand and make wise by the greatest and most wondrous works. Alathe vertues of some stones of herbes and of beasts ff 12r27r 3. According to the book of raziel, he is the angel of magic, who teaches men astrology, divination, and the lore of amulets. This book proclaims the secret of raziel, but only to the humble.

Pdf kabbalahs secret circles sample adigun oluwa academia. There are three secrets corresponding to the torah of the prophets. Stand in the middle of the day, without provocation and without reward. Full text of gayelord hauser s treasury of secrets. In order to find the the lost city of gold, ben gates and his team must weave their way to the final clue in a mysterious and. Archangel raziel is said to have written the first book ever createdthe sefer razielto present the secrets of the universe to human beings. This is another book written in first person, ah, but with a twist. He gave him the book and instructed adam to read it, learn the knowledge and transfer them to people with a pure soul. The sefer raziel, the book of angel secrets learn religions. The liber razielis archangeli, its thcentury latin translation produced under alfonso x, survives.

Book of secrets by ann lloyd why did you decide to read this book i always wondered if this was a book, as i love the movies. At the end of national treasure 2, the president post kidnapping pulls ben aside and asks him if he saw page 47 in the book of secrets. Keep it hidden and concealed near silver and gold in a house of treasure. The book of raziel the angel or sefer raziel hamalakh by. Sefer raziel hamalakh is a grimoire of practical kabbalah from the middle ages written.

Curiously enough, the name raziel occurs not once among the names of angels, of which there are over a thousand. In order to find the the lost city of gold, ben gates and his team must weave their way to the final clue in a mysterious and highly guarded book containing centuries of secrets. It was dark, i poured some liquid into a tall glass, took a sip, and realized it was actually rum. Secret of god is an archangel within the teachings of jewish mysticism of the kabbalah of judaism who is the keeper of secrets and the angel of mysteries. Lets hope that jon turteltaub and nicolas cage will bring some incredible surprise from the page 47 of the book of secrets. Who is the cute girl who asks for rileys autograph at the. Presidents from washington to the present day, too outrageous to ever be made public. The physical action is so fast at times, with lots of high speed editing, that there is no danger that the audience will be required to do any thinking. Medievalterm,cabal,14 microfilminstituteofthenational and meditate. To which ben replies, i think i can help you with that, sir. Liber salomonis comprises folio pages 2r57r of british library sloane ms 3826. The text is arranged according to the classic kabbalistic levels used in the ancient yeshivot schools involved in the study of prophecy and the merkava cha.

At the beginning of book of secrets, when his car is being towed away, its a ferrari f430 spider. To determine who is ready to receive secret teachings, revelations and prophecies. The archangel raziel was the transmitter of secrets and author of the legendary book of the. This is based off of the scene in national treasure. We are given onscreen confirmation that area 51 content in fact exists within the book of secrets, making it the only confirmed possibility for what could be contained on page 47. Book of secrets, nicolas cages character ben gates goes after the president of the united states book of secrets, an unofficial book which contains the answers for the. Its a highly visual movie, with lots of eyepopping outdoor color images. Book of secrets with riley in the bookstore promoting his book. Probably going to need a good nic cage break after ghost rider and now this. The hero and the heroine are covered in this format.

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