Robomow rc 304 user manual

Get your user manual by email enter your email address to receive the manual of robomow rc304 in the language languages. Robmow rs630, robomow rs622, robomow rs612, robomow rm510, and robomow rm200 take the 30 day challenge, call 888 483 0063. A remote control is available as an accessory and is used for driving robomow to a separated zone, if necessary. A long warranty is a good sign that the product is high quality and the robomow customer service team are always on hand if need any advice. To make the ultimate use of the functionality of the robomow youll want to have an ios or android device in order to use the free robomow app. Robomow rc 304 pro lawn mower robot mower robot with charging. Robomow blade stops rotating immedialtey if it is lifted from the ground or tilted to a vertical position. Robomow rc304 original operating instructions pdf download. Robomow rs630 robot lawn mower robot cleaner store.

The robomow rc304u is a midrange robot lawn mower from friendly robotics. You can monitor and control your mower anytime from anywhere. The robomow rc304 comes with a three year warranty which should give you piece of mind that this is a quality product that is built to last for many years. The robomow rc304u is a great little machine and is my top pick of all the robot lawn mowers that can manage lawns of between 600 m. When it comes to largescale lawns of 034 acre, the robomow rs630 robot lawn mower is the perfect model for your lawn.

Install an external base station rcmc models duration. Robomow rc304 pro manuals manuals and user guides for robomow rc304 pro. Free download of your robomow rc304 2016 user manual. Robomow rc306 robot mower robomow robotic lawn mowers. At the beginning of summer we excitedly received delivery of robomow s latest robot lawn mower the rc304. To prevent children from operating robomow, activate the child lock. Sleek, streamlined and with a base station that can be hidden from sight for a more aesthetic look and feel, the robomow rc308 is discreet, compact and extraordinarily precise.

Wire test ended during the onetime setup displayed only when using the robomow app. We were hugely impressed with the design and all the encompassing functionality, like push notifications of mower status, that the app presents. Current android version of robomow app cannot connect to a mower while its in operation. Can schedule daily mowings from its smartphone app via bluetooth.

Robomow rc 304 306312 mc 300500 and tc 300500 with base station f. We have 1 robomow rc304u manual available for free pdf download. Why does the charging station led on my rc rs2018 robot flashing green even though the robot stands in the station and not charging. On your robomow operating panel press the setting and home button for 3 seconds. Enter your email address to receive the manual of robomow mc300 in the language languages. This file contains a lot of information about robomow spare parts such as, in which model every item is valid, pictures, standard warranty repair time, apl assembled parts list which is a list that describes the items that contain an assembled part, and more. Be familiar with the controls and the proper use of robomow. Robotic mower robot store robots robot parts robot. Fitted with all the technological advantages and features available for the smaller garden, with the robomow rc304, your lawn will never look b.

There is no need to retrieve the wire afterwards, it will gradually disappear under the growth of new grass until it becomes completely invisible. That said all the issues were resolved by reading the instructions and browsing the web so the. View online or download robomow rc304 original operating instructions, operating manual. U004, wire test ended during the onetime setup displayed only when using the robomow app. Robomow rc 304 beim kanten mahen lawn edge mode duration. Robomows friendly home lawnmowers fit effortlessly into your lifestyle and, most importantly, your yard. At the beginning of summer we excitedly received delivery of robomows latest robot lawn mower the rc304. Lay out the perimeter wire around the outer edge of your lawn and the protected areas with in the lawn area such as trees, plants, ponds and any other objects. For your convenience, weve compiled a short list of our apps most awesome features and some of the most commonly used compatible devices. We have 1 robomow rc304 pro manual available for free pdf download. Support menus and service screens are not available yet.

With the robomow rc304 there is also a special edge mode where it will follow the perimeter wire to cut the outside edges of the lawn for clean and tidy borders and a manual mode for reaching. Robomow lithium batteries do not have a memory and the robot ensures they are charged properly for maximum life. Your robomow will recognise the wire, using a special sensor, and make sure it always stays inside the designated area. Manual user options as pressing the go button when the manual controller in user s hand, the following menu items under user options are available. Designed to provide the easiest, most convenient and least timeconsuming mow ever, robomow remote lawn mowers are lawnfriendly, user friendly, and familyfriendly. It is strong, with its tough and sharp steel blades, robomow easily handles even the first cut of the season when the grass is high. Control the lawn mower with your robomow app robomow.

The robomow can run up to 60 minutes on one charge and recharges in 60 90 minutes lithium batteries are user replaceable and should last at least 45 years before replacing. We show only the top 10 products per product group at this page. Unlike other robotic mowers, the robomow rc series has an offset blade with special edge mode where the robot will follow the perimeter wire, to cut the outside edges of the lawn, for clean and tidy borders and a well. Here you can learn about robomow products, view product manuals and online user guides, open a support ticket, register your product andor get realtime professional assistance from qualified robomow experts. At this page you find all the manuals of robomow sorted by product category. Never allow people unfamiliar with these instructions or children to use robomow. Robomow can mow areas imside the working area with slopes of up to 36.

The robomow rc304 is suitable for lawns with slopes of up to 35% 15 % on the borders and the cutting height can be easily adjusted from 1560mm. Complete with a base station, this nifty little machine is lean, green and very, very mean. When the bumper senses an obstacle, blades stop and robomow changes its driving direction. Bisher habe ich mich hier im forum nur lesend bewegt emoji15. The robomow rc304 automatic robot lawn mower is designed for lawn areas up to 4300 sqr ft or up to 110 acre including your home and driveway, etc. Discover the key facts and see how robomow rc304 performs in the lawn mower ranking. Rc304 rc308 rc312 mc400mc800mc1200 operating manual uksrcoperationsmanual2016. Robomow rc304u automatic robotic lawnmower vesternet. Read this operating and safety manual carefully before operating robomow.

Managing your robomow is convenient, easy and surprisingly fun on our app. The operator or user is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people or their property. The robomow rc304 is the perfect mower for maintaining lawns up to 400m2 in size. Robomow rc304 robot lawn mower 2018 edition robot cleaner. The remote control feature is under construction and not available yet. If you want to see more manuals of a specific product group click the green button below the product category. Power user account is not supported in the current version. There is no need to retrieve the wire afterwards, it will gradually disappear under the growth of new grass until it becomes completely. Robomow rc 304 pro lawn mower robot mower robot with charging dock gsm module.

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