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For example, if youre in central london and want to go from covent garden to leicester square, you might think of jumping on the piccadilly. Some, like mill hill east, are reached by soaring viaducts, carrying the tracks a reasonable 60ft above ground level. London tube stations close but uk government plays down. Transport for london produce a number of documents to help people get around london more easily. The london tube map is a pdf file and therefore excellent suited for take along. London tube map 2019 lines, times, tickets, tourist info. Pauls d3 salfords d6 sanderstead e6 sandilands e6 selhurst d5 seven kings g2 s continued seven sisters f2 shadwell e3 shen. View the london underground map courtesy of the bbc. If you do not have suitable pdf software installed, the. Book enthusiasts have designed an alternative tube map, replacing station names with the titles of novels set in the area. This tool uses sirv dynamic imaging to zoom fast into the image. This uptodate and easytouse london tube map marks all stations which have stepfree. Pancras was the busiest station on the network, used by over 89.

For our latest quiz about the tube, were paying attention to the names give to london underground stations. Most of the many photographs are of stations or station furniture signs, lighting etc. Svg version none of the new additions are actually tube lines, the tube map has gradually become a multipurpose map of most of the tflowned rail services tube, overground, tfl rail, dlr and cable car, although notably not tramlink. Display of toys, working models, rides and a restaurant. York road is a disused station on the london underground in kings cross, london, england, located between kings cross and caledonian road, with its entrance at the corner of york road now york way and bingfield street. Zoom into the tube map of london the fastest way to find stations on the london underground. Tube maps are normally provided in pdf format online. In addition you will find the top 10 attractions for tourists which are marked with red stars and identified with a caption. Croydon tram link, heathrow express and watford junction station are subject to special fare rates outside of the zone system interchange with network rail services london overground surrey quays to clapham junction opens 2012. Most of it was in place on openstreetmap back in 2007 the stations with increasing detail added over time, including things like tunnel sections of track. So you are able to see all the tube stations in the center with the available lines as well as nearby streets, squares and parks. Affectionately known as the tube, it covers 620 square miles of the city with over two hundred and fifty miles of track, making it the worlds largest urban railway network. Steps at street level between stations including national rail zones. Station to station on the london underground shire.

It is the easier way to reach your desired destination in london. We completed the london underground and docklands light railway networks. Which station was called gillespie road when it first opened. London undergrub london has never tasted so good this is quite nice the person that made this map gives me a credit for inspiring them to do it. To see a pollution reading for a station, zoom in and hover over the station. The different versions are available here for free.

Apr 11, 2018 for our latest quiz about the tube, were paying attention to the names give to london underground stations. Londons walk the tube map reveals the real distance. Journey planner for bus, tube, london overground, dlr, tfl rail, national rail, tram, river bus, emirates air line, coach. Check our updated 2018 london tube map to reach important areas in london including heathrow airport. Standard london tube map the famous london underground map and station index. Stepfree london tube map a version of the tube map highlighting everywhere you can access the tube without the need to negotiate steps. People going to gatwick airport will be able to use their oyster card from 11 january, as the station has been placed on the london tube map for. Nearest tube underground station to the london library. The tube the six oldest underground stations still in use. May 21, 2015 paper version available for free at most tube stations. Nov 11, 2015 the official tube map sacrifices accuracy for clarity. London attractions and nearest underground stations.

Where these diagrams prove useful is showing how the geography of london affects the depth of the tube the entrance to hampstead station, for example is. Out of station interchanges osis refer to tfl official website and the. Oct 17, 2016 the award for the most efficiently designed tube station has to go to heathrow terminal 4. Devised in 1933 by harry beck, the london underground map is a 20thcentury design classic. Tube map london tube maps are normally provided in pdf format online. The total of annual entries and exits for all stations in 2018 was 2. From stately buckingham palace and the houses of parliament to the raucous soho nightlife, from the bustle of oxford street, to the rolling vistas of the royal. Others, like westminster, harbour vast cavernous halls with escalators plunging ever further. The map below shows the readings the scientists collected in london underground stations around the city. Its first section opened in 1863, making it the oldest underground metro system in the world although in fact approximately 55% of the current network is above ground, as it generally runs on the surface in outlying suburbs. The transport for london tfl tube map, with its straight lines, 45degree rounded corners and simple, clear cartography, is a design classic. Online tube map january 2020a transport for london. A list of operational railway stations on the london underground and docklands light railway.

Dollis brook viaduct, which leads to the station, is the highest point on the london underground. Click the tube map to zoom in and find your station. These pdf maps of london show in detail the center of the city with the top attractions and the nearest tube stations. Services or access at these stations are subject to variation. Updated thanks to this blog post, this map is now officially on the tfl website read on. Tfl tube and rail maps, bus maps, santander cycle maps, river maps, congestion charge maps, oyster ticket stop map, visitor and tourist maps, audio maps.

They took the blank template that i offer above and added food reference to every station mark to produce london undergrub. London s tube stations the first line of london s underground railway network was completed in 1863, linking paddington and farringdon, making it the oldest in the world. The busiest tube station is waterloo, which was used by. List of busiest london underground stations wikipedia. Station in zone 9 station in zone 6 station in zone 5 station in zone 3 station in zone 2 station in zone 1 station in zone 4 station in zone 8 station in zone 7 national rail river services interchange airport stepfree access from street to platform internal interchange stepfree access from street to train emirates air line cable car. There is only one tube station which does not have any letters of the word mackerel in it. Route map of london underground, london overground, docklands light railway and crossrail, including most greenlighted proposals. The london underground is a metro system in the united kingdom that serves greater london and the home counties of buckinghamshire, essex and hertfordshire. How much attention do you pay to tube station names. City of westminster it is impossible to even begin to capture everything that westminster the seat of britains government has to offer. This table lists the stations with 31 million users or more entering or exiting in 2018. The london underground is a metro system in the united kingdom that serves greater.

The london tube map pdf 265kb is a design classic and makes. Gatwick airport debuts on london tube map the independent. Interactive map reveals londons most polluted tube stations. List of london underground stations openstreetmap wiki. The tube network has 11 lines and 270 stations forming a rail network of 249 miles 402 km. Toilets tube map online january 2020\b\ created date. Its very useful and clearly indicates the general directions used to designate trains north, south, east or westbound, with all interchanges clearly shown. Visit this travel maps section to download a pdf of the london tube map.

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